SB 40 Oil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Customized support:OEM
Brand Name:DVP
Model Number:9801026
Place of Origin:Italy
Application:Suction cup movements, Automatic machines, Packing machines, Woodworking machines, Vacuum presses for wood or plastic, Money counting machines, Plaster mixing, Painting systems, Pneumatic conveying
Horsepower:2.4 HP
Power Source:Electric
Pressure:120 mbar / 90 Torr / 26.38 inHg
Structure:Oil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
Outlet Size:1\G
Power:1.5 kW (50 Hz) / 1.8 kW (60 Hz)
Nominal capacity:40 m³/h (50 Hz) / 48 m³/h (60 Hz) / 28.3 CFM (60 Hz)
Maximum overpressure:0.8 bar / 11.6 psig
Nominal r.p.m.:1400 n/min (50 Hz) / 1700 n/min (60 Hz)
Pump noise level UNI EN ISO 2151 K 3dB:67 dBA (50 Hz) / 68 dBA (60 Hz)
Compressor noise level:67 dBA (50 Hz) / 68 dBA (60 Hz)
Weight:40 kg (1~) / 37.5 kg (3~)
Pump intake:1\G
Operating temperature at 20 C:75 °C to 85 °C
Room temp. for place of installation:0 °C to 40 °C
Available motor types:IE2
Certification:CE, EAC

SB 40 Oil-Free Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Vegetable oil making machine is suitable to all kinds of oil seeds, eg: sunflower, soybean, sesame, rapeseed, peanut, cotton seed, corn germ, walnut, almond, castor seed etc.

Raw material

Pretreatment Applicable oil: soybean, rice bran, sunflower, rapeseed, cottonseed, walnuts, corn germ, peanuts, copra, castor bean, palm kernel, palm nuts, sesame, olive and the like.

Working priciple

What is cooking olive coconut sunflower oil making filter press extraction refining machine ?
Series of 6YL-100,6YL120 are the electric heating vacumm filter screw oil press machine.The products’ electric heating using internal and external heating at the same time.It also have the function that it can preheat pressing chamber automaticly before squeezing,and control the pressing temperature automaticly during squeezing.In the course of the press,it can filter crude oil by vacuum. At the same time,it can make the oil and slag separated, so that the oil becomes more clear. Through tempering treatment,special steel is more wear-resisting than ordinary steel.Their working life is 5 times than ordinary steel.So that it can make a higher output than other products.


Raw materials can directly feed into the machine by hot or cold press, and press machine with filter drum in one set, so crude oil is clean and pure after filtering, if buyer don’t need refinery, it also can be directly eat and sell, it is the most ideal individual small processing oil plant.

Product Specification

Project name capacity suitable for raw material
oil pressing production line 10–800t/d sunflower seed, soybean, peanut, sesame, corn germ, tea seed, rapeseed, cottonseed, etc
oil solvent-extracting production line 30–800t/d pressed oil cake, soybean flakes, rice bran pallet, etc.
oil refining production line 3–500t/d all kinds of vegetable oil
palm oil mill production line 5t/h–90t/h palm fruit bunch
oil fractionation production line 20–500t/d refined palm oil
Oilseeds protein, phospholipids 50–500t/d soybean meal, etc.
grain deep processing line 20–1000t/d corn, wheat, beans, etc.

Company Profile

Our Company supply the complete set of Cooking oil
production line machinery including sunflower oil production line, palm oil production line, soya bean oil production line, peanut oil production line, cotton seeds oil production line, corn germ oil production line, rapeseeds oil production line, canola oil production line, coconut cropra oil production line, shea oil production line, groundnuts oil line, sesame oil production line,black seeds oil production line, moringa seeds oil production line and other vegetables oil processing machines.


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