This  oil refinery equipment can be used to refine many kinds of oil, such as soybean oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, cottonseed oil and palm oil with the characteristics of good qualtiy, high efficiency and best after sale service.


1. Introduction of oil refinery machine

1.The complete edible oil refinery equipment  is used for removing the impurities of oil, such as, fatty acid, phosphatide, metal ion, pigment, oxide, solid particle and volatile gas.

2.The complete edible oil refinery equipment can adopts chemical refining and physical refining, and the chemical refining includes batch refining, semi-continuous refining and continuous refining.

2.Main equipments of  oil refinery machine

1.Neutralization Tank: used for acid refining, alkali refining or washing.

2.Bleaching Tank: used for bleaching oil & removing pigment.

3.Deodorizing Tank: used for removing the odour of oil (made of stainless steel).

4.Conduction Oil Furnace: provide production with heat source, and the temperature can reach 280 °C.

5. Vacuum Pump: provide vacuum degree for bleaching & deodorizing process, which can reach above755mmHg

6. Air Compressor:weather bleaching earth used in the bleaching process

7. Filter Press: filtrate the bleaching earth

8. Steam Generator: produce steam for deodorization and distillation process

9. Leaf Filter: filtrate the bleaching earth & impurities.

3. The refinery methods of  crude cooking oil refinery machine

1. Chemical refining

2. Physical refining

3. Chemical-physical refining