Spiral oil machine is refers to the use of the role of external mechanical forces, by raising the temperature, activate the oil fmolecules, squeezing oil from the oil out of the machine.


The spiral oil machine are advanced oil processing machinery.It is very popular among customers by their advancing design, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, simple operation, convenient maintenance.They can be used for various materials, such as Peanut,Soybean,Grape seeds,Rapeseeds,Sunflower seeds,palm kernel, and other oil crops over twenty kinds.


1.Saving labor: it can save 60% labor for equal output and 40% labor cost per day for one or two people are able to make production. 
2. Widely-used: it can be used to completely press more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as peanuts, sesame, vegetable seeds, soybean, oil sunflower and flax by third levels for one time.
3. Pure oil quality: the vacuum oil filtering is used to remove residue so as to ensure the pure oil quality and meet the standard of health quarantine.
4. Small footprint: an area of 10-20 m2 workshop can meet the need of production.

Technical Parameter

Modelo Capacidad Potencia Tamaño Peso
RX-68 40kg/h 5.5kw 920*390*750mm 150kg
RX-80 100-120kg/h 5.5kw 1540*510*680mm 370kg
RX-95 200kg/h 7.5kw 1920*550*770mm 550kg
RX-105 200-230kg/h 11kw 2140*550*770mm 580kg
RX-120 250kg/h 15kw 2100*610*790mm 680kg
RX-130 300-500kg/h 18.5kw 2240*610*820mm 800kg
RX-165 600-800kg/h 22-30kw 2290*750*1020mm 1600kg
RX-200 1000kg/h 37kw 2600*1000*2450mm 2500kg