Rice bran oil is the most healthy edible oil in daily life.It has high content of glutamin,which is effectively in prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel.1.Rice Bran Pre-treatment: Rice brancleaning →extrusion → drying → to extraction workshop.


For the whole rice bran oil production line, including four workshops:

rice bran pre-treatment workshop, rice bran oil solvent extraction workshop, rice bran oil refining workshop, and rice bran oil dewaxing workshop.

1.Rice Bran Pre-treatment:

Rice brancleaning →extrusion → drying → to extraction workshop

Cleaning: Adopt the magnetic separator to removing iron impurities and rice bran& fine broken rice separation sieve to separate rice bran and fine broken rice.

Extrusion: Adopting the extruder machine can both improve the yield of rice bran oil and reduce the consumption. The extrusion, on the one hand, can make solution lipase in the rice bran passivated under high temperature and high pressure condition,then prevent the rice bran oil rancidity; On the other hand, the extrusion can make rice bran be porous material grain, and increases the materials bulk density, then improve the permeability and extraction rate which solvent reacts to the material.

Drying: The extruded rice bran contains about 12% water, and the best moisture for extraction is 7-9%, therefore, there must be effective drying means to achieve the best extraction moisture. Adopting counter-current dryer can make water and temperature meet with follow-up process requirements, and improve the oil yield, as well as oil quality.

2.Rich bran oil solvent extraction:

Brief Introduction:

In our design, the Extraction line is mainly made up following systems:

Oil Extraction system: for extracting oil from Expanded rice bran to get Miscella which is mixture of Oil and Hexane;

Wet Meal Desolventizing System: for removing Solvent from Wet Meal as well as to toast and dry Meal for getting proper finished Meal Product qualified for animal feed;

Miscella Evaporation System: for evaporating and separating Hexane out from Miscella under negative pressure;

Oil Stripping System: for thoroughly removing residual Solvent to produce standard Crude Oil;

Solvent Condensing System: for recovering and circulating use of Hexane;

Paraffin Oil Recovering System: further recovering residual Hexane gas remains in vent air by means of Paraffin Oil to reduce Solvent consumption;

3.Rice Bran Oil Refining:

crude rice bran oil →degumming&dephosphorization →deacidification →Bleaching →deodorization →refined oil.