30TPD Rice Bran Oil Production Line in Bangladesh

This project includes 30TPD rice bran pre-treatment line, 30TPD solvent extraction line, 6TPD rice bran oil refining line and 6TPD rice bran oil dewaxing line.

1.Rice Bran Pre-treatment:

Rice bran → cleaning → extrusion → drying → to extraction workshop

2.Rich bran oil solvent extraction:

In our design, the Extraction line is mainly made up following systems:

Oil Extraction system: for extracting oil from Expanded rice bran to get Miscella which is mixture of Oil and Hexane;

Wet Meal Desolventizing System: for removing Solvent from Wet Meal as well as to toast and dry Meal for getting proper finished Meal Product qualified for animal feed;

Miscella Evaporation System: for evaporating and separating Hexane out from Miscella under negative pressure;

Oil Stripping System: for thoroughly removing residual Solvent to produce standard Crude Oil;

Solvent Condensing System: for recovering and circulating use of Hexane;

Paraffin Oil Recovering System: further recovering residual Hexane gas remains in vent air by means of Paraffin Oil to reduce Solvent consumption;


3. Rice Bran Oil Refining

Crude rice bran oil → degumming&dephosphorization → deacidification → Bleaching → deodorization →refined oil.

4.Rice Bran Oil Dewaxing:

Dewaxing means by use refrigerating unit,to remove wax from the oil.