This is our soybean protein project with low temperature desolventing technology  in serbia , we have builded it  in 2018 , it is the one of  biggest soybean protein project in serbia ,this client bought our other equipment before ordoring this soybean protein project, and the equipment runs very good and he is satisfied with our equipment and service after sale ,when he wants to expand his business and contact our company directly .

SPI (soybean protein insolate) is usually extracted from soybean defatted meal which is from normal hexane solvent extraction workshop. The used soybean is high quality, cleaned and husked. This defatted meal is called “white flake” in industry. Isolating soybean protein removes various nonprotein ingredients, retain protein and make dry basis protein content up to more than 90% ( Nitrogen*6.25 ).

There are mainly nine steps to produce SPI

First step is alkaline water extraction. Water temperature, PH value and dwell time is very important in this step.

Second step is separating extracted white flakes from solvent with the help of machines.

The third is acid precipitation with hydrochloric acid.

The fourth is separating whey from stick.

The fifth is adjusting to get multiple different functional protein isolate.

The sixth is neutralization with NaOH.

The seventh is heat treatment and stick adjusting.

The eighth is dehydration with spray drying. The ninth is weighing and packing.